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Day 3 The Temples

Early Rise

sunny 35 °C

The day begun at 4.30am, we were all up and about early to celebrate Paul's birthday🎂, there was much celebration. We followed up the early start with a visit to a few temples that have been found in the area. Quite impressive waited from 5 to 6 am watching the sunrise over the temples of Angkor Wat.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat
After wandering around the temple for 4 hours we finally made it back to our very patient tuk Tuk drivers who were expecting us around 7.30.
From here we moved on to Bayon Angkor Thom, another temple, had trouble seeing the ruins thru all of the tourists, managed to find our drivers without too much delay.
Our third and last temple Ta Prohm, made famous by the Tomb Raider movie, Pop picks us up a tour guide, one of the local police force (Buoc) who happily guides us thru these ruins, clearing a path thru the ever present tourists, a great move by Pop as we learnt a lot about the temple with people getting out of our way we were thru in record time.

Our official escort

The return to the hotel resulted in a quick dip in the pool to cool down, then a bite to eat. This was followed by a nanna nap for all.

Evening brought us all out of our shells, we hit the bright lights of Siem Reap to celebrate Paul's 52nd Birthday, Back to the hotel to eat birthday cake kindly provided by the hotel Manager Kevin.

Sleep for all with our last night in Cambodia, Vietnam here we come✌

No notable moments from today

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Day 2-Siem Reap city

Siem Reap

sunny 32 °C

A day of getting to know Siem Reap today. Spent most of our time wandering the streets and markets of the "old" town with a 3hour explore in the morning before lunch and another couple of hours in the evening before dinner. Our accommodation is on the edge of the tourist precinct but we were able to walk everywhere, only take 5 minutes to reach the town. The people are friendly and considerate though you get the normal hassles at the markets and in the streets but not too pushy thank goodness.
Tonight we spent some time in Pub Street which is closed to traffic during the evenings and has plenty of lights, vibrancy and drinking holes to entertain including beers for 50 cents (US) for a big glass. Siem Reap is a typical 'poor' Asian city with plenty of smells, sights, thousands of scooters (which makes for lots of fun crossing the street.....just see a small gap and start to walk - at the same pace all the way across and the traffic will avoid you) and hot tropical weather but still a place to like. This includes "Kevin" (his western name.....Panith Toun real name) our hotel manager who is very helpful and had made our time most enjoyable and taught us a bit about Cambodia.
Breakfast @ Petit Temple Resort

Fish foot massage

Pub St for markets & meals


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Day 1-Perth-Singapore-Siem Reap

Siem Reap

overcast 33 °C

Today was a long day of travel with a 4 hour stopover in Singapore which was filled with a little shopping & game of cards. Arriving in Siem Reap, we were greeted by our drivers from our accommodation in 2 tuk tuks to take the 6 of us with all our luggage (girls in one, guys in the other). What an adventure! Half an hour weaving through traffic going in all directions albeit, relatively slowly & most considerately! We still felt rather safe! Great accommodation with tropical gardens surrounding a large pool. Drinks & nibbles in the outdoor restaurant & off to bed.


Memorable moments:
Bill taking forever to get through Perth airport clearance due to his 'bionic' knees.
Bill pouring EXTRA hot chilli over his lunch & couldn't eat it!
Siem Reap airport- quaint traditional buildings, very modern inside, NO customs check!
Kath sticking her hand out the side of the tuk tuk to ensure all traffic knew our driver's intention of turning.
Terrible GOT style showers at accomm-water comes out like a streaming hose!
HARD beds with CONCRETE base!
'Fuel' stations with Whiskey bottles filled with petrol under tarp or umbrella.



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